oh yes! the realness of it all!

happiness! two in a row! two blanks in a row. wait, what?

what happened?

oh yes, boston got blanked too!

going into the game we found out that zakiya would be out cuz of an mcl sprain, nooooo! hopefully she’ll be back for thursday against kansas city. also, will we see the return of leslie osborne? hopefully yes.

the game was low scoring, yes. the one goal by chalupny held up for the full 90. but it was exciting and quality and we continued to look fabulous and create more chances. and while those chances need to be finished off, i’m actually feeling pretty confident that we’ll come around. grings especially should start to score soon as she gets more playing time with her team and everyone gets familiarity with each other. positivity!

additionally they were able to shut down boston completely. aside from that one goal by leroux, which yes, should’ve been a goal. but remember the part where rachel quon was totally dumped to the ground leading to all the open space in the back? (rewatch the game, it goes down at 1:48:00) or that wrongly called stoppage time ella masar goal from a few games ago? where we would’ve won the game? yeah? well now we’re even soccer powers that be. but yes, other than that sanderson was effectively marked out of the game which crucially limited leroux’s chances. also, i felt like heather o’reilly’s name wasn’t called too much. our backline is looking tough these days!

shout out to monica gonzalez for talking about the mexican internationals in the league, including our own m.i.a. dinora garza. some questions answered. the answer being that they are still transitioning into the league and that we should see more of them next season. kind of a generic answer i know, but at least she acknowledged them. also a plus – dinora was on the bench for this game as an unused sub. but she was there! aces!

highlights for me – chalupny as always. sitch was massive. dig taryn hemmings totally taking on boston in its entirety and dribbling all the way up into the final third. the quality of our stream was great! finally we could see who was on the field outside of the pixel blur action we’ve been used to. and multiple cameras. i counted three of them. although one of them seemed to have a filter on it that was set to “1970s searching for the elusive sasquatch.” but hopefully that will be fixed in the future.

link dump

pitch side report’s summary in which we are given the agency to determine our own win.

equalizer’s summary in which we didn’t win so much as boston lost.

our game’s shout out to julianne sitch

post game interview action

the game in its entirety


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